Should I get my dog a leather dog collar?
Short answer - yes! They’re great for most dogs! Here’s why: 1. Leather is durable!  Imagine it - you get your dog a new leather collar, and immediately you’re hit with that GORGEOUS smell of new leather. The leather collar...
We're an Australia Post Local Business Hero!

Leaf and Leash has been selected as a 2023 Local Business Hero by Australia Post! 

We're one of 100 small businesses AUSTRALIA-WIDE to have received this honour this year, and we couldn't be more thrilled. 

Staying Paw-sitive: Five reasons we love our dogs :)
It’s hard not to be grateful for our dogs, with their waggly tails and their excitement for almost anything. Our dogs do so many things that steal our hearts. Sometimes it’s their ability to sense when you’re down, and when...
I want to be mindful of the environment - but where do I even begin?
Making a difference can be achieved by making a series of small, thoughtful changes where they are needed. Assessing your lifestyle with your pup can be a good start – our dogs are part of our family after all, so they definitely can be included in this journey of caring for our planet!
Nice To Meet You!
Leaf and Leash is an environmentally conscious Australian small business aiming to help you look after your pup and the planet at the same time!
Three simple ways to reduce your pup’s environmental “paw-print”
We all like to spoil our dogs but it’s important to make choices that are good for the environment too. Here are some sustainable ways dog owners can treat their precious pals in an environmentally-thoughtful way.