How do I attach the bandana?

Our bandanas simply slip onto your dog’s collar!

Undo your dog's collar and slide it through the openings on the side of the bandana (we call these 'collar slips'). The measurements of these openings are shown as a picture on each bandana product description.

The bandanas do not need to go all the way around your dog's neck, as the bandana are made to hang off the collar.

How do I attach the bow tie?

There are two hook-and-look straps (like velcro!) at the back of the bow tie that wrap around your dog’s collar. If the straps are too long, you can trim them (and perhaps find another use for the extra bits!)

Small bow ties with our earlier designs can attach to collars up to 3cm wide.

Medium and Large bow ties with our earlier designs can attach to collars up to 4cm wide.

S,M, and L bow ties with our newer designs can fit collars up to 5cm wide.

Sizing information can be found in each bow tie's product description, so you will know if the bow tie is an earlier or newer design!

How eco-conscious are your materials?

We’ve broken this one down into the materials we use!

Why hemp? It's easy on the earth: hemp uses water and land sustainably, and does not require pesticides.

Hemp has also been shown to have strong tensile strength and good resistance to tearing.

While there is more research to be done, current studies point to hemp's eco-friendliness!

Schumacher et al., (2020). Industrial Hemp Fiber: A sustainable and economical alternative to cotton, Journal of Cleaner Production. Volume 268, 122180, ISSN 0959-6526

Behera et al., (2019). Comparative Analysis of Mechanical Behavior of Unconventional Natural Fibers and their Union Fabrics. Current Trends in Fashion Technology & Textile Engineering, Volume 5, Issue 4, ISSN 2577-2929

Used in our bandanas and bow ties, this organic cotton canvas is grown without the use of pesticides!

Used in our bow ties, these are made of nylon so we suggest finding a new use for these around the house when it’s time to move onto a new bow tie!  

What are your dog bow ties made of?

Leaf and Leash Dog Bow Ties are made of organic cotton. There are two nylon hook and loops straps at the back.

Do you sell at markets?

Yes, we sell at markets located in Victoria, Australia! They’re a great place to check out our products in person! Stay tuned on our Instagram page, @leafandleash, or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/leafandleash, to see when and where you can come visit us! We look forward to seeing you there!

I Signed up for your email list - where's my discount code?!

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If you have trouble finding your code, we're happy to help! Simply send us an email and we'd be glad to sort it out.

can i combine my discount codes?

No, the discount codes can only be used one at a time. Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date with special deals, competitions, and discounts!

Where do you currently ship to?

We only ship within Australia currently. Watch this space!