Three simple ways to reduce your pup’s environmental “paw-print”

Three simple ways to reduce your pup’s environmental “paw-print”

By Leaf and Leash team

We all like to spoil our dogs but it’s important to make choices that are good for the environment too. Here are some sustainable ways dog owners can treat their precious pals in an environmentally-thoughtful way.

1. Purchase eco-conscious dog toys & accessories

When dog toys are thrown away due to wear-and-tear, many sit in landfill for a very long time! To counter this, we suggest choosing toys & accessories that are made from materials that can be recycled. Your local council is a good place to start, to help you work out how to recycle certain items. 

Also, choosing toys and accessories made from sturdier materials (e.g., hemp fabric), as well as rotating your dog’s toys for playtime, will help make them last longer.

2. Clean up after your pup

If your dog goes to the toilet on their walk, it’s very important to clean up after them. This is not just for the obvious reason of making sure others don’t step on your pup’s little present, but because dog poo may have a negative impact on soil and waterways.

Using compostable poo bags are friendlier to the environment than using plastic bags.

3. Be considerate of the environment when choosing food for your dog

It’s a good idea to purchase your dog’s food in bulk in order to reduce packaging waste. When choosing food for your dog, we also suggest checking to see if the dog food packaging is recyclable as a lot of packaging ends up in landfill!


There are so many more ways to have an eco-conscious lifestyle with your dog, which we are looking forward to sharing with you! Stay tuned!