Should I get my dog a leather dog collar?

Should I get my dog a leather dog collar?

Short answer - yes! They’re great for most dogs! Here’s why:

1. Leather is durable! 

Imagine it - you get your dog a new leather collar, and immediately you’re hit with that GORGEOUS smell of new leather. The leather collar is rather firm, and this is how it should be! Leather collars will soften and shape to your dog’s neck over time, resulting in a buttery soft collar that is still strong enough to withstand the strength and movements of more active dogs!

So not only do you get the strength of real, full grain leather - the collar will eventually soften and become even more comfortable and personalised to your dog over time! It’s a win-win!

2. Leather is fashionable!

Our golden retriever, Ollie, wears his leather collar in the dark brown/stainless steel (check it out here). Needless to say, he looks ABSOLUTELY handsome in it. He can go from cafe to doggie daycare and be the best dressed at both! 

I mean, look at Ollie in his brown leather dapper does he look!?

golden retriever with brown leather dog collar 

PS: Love it? Get the look HERE

3.  Leather is natural!

Being an eco-conscious brand, we can’t overlook this one! We’ve chosen vegetable-tanned leather, meaning the leather was prepared with the help of trees and plants!  And let’s be honest - leather is NOT plastic and is typically biodegradable! Which means it won’t hang around for hundreds and hundreds of years. 

Also, being a natural material, this may be way friendlier to your dog’s skin compared to synthetic materials. 


So to sum it up - leather collars are strong, stylish, and relatively sustainable! 

Check out our leather collection here - we hope you find something that suits your dog’s personality perfectly!