About Us

Leaf and Leash

hello pet pawrents!

As fellow pet pawrents, we know what it's like to have a pet: you feed them, walk them, feed them, repeat. Just another day.

And your pet isn't just another rescue, or just another [insert breed here]. They're your best friend, your fur child, your bestest boi, your goodest girl!

We wanted to freshen up the routine and create something that shows off our special pets. So, we made dog accessories!

We've already done the hard work of sourcing eco-conscious materials, designing the fabrics, and sewing for you - all you have to do is free up space for more dog pics in your phone!

Welcome to Leaf and Leash. We hope you have fun exploring our range of good stuff for good pups!

unique designs

Our fabrics are designed by us - you won't find our original bow tie and bandana designs anywhere else!

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made in australia

Our accessories and walkwear are designed & made in Australia. THANK YOU for supporting our small business!

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eco conscious

We choose eco conscious materials as much as possible - think recycled, natural, & organic materials!

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