Adjustable Leather Dog Leash - Dark Brown & Brass
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Adjustable Leather Dog Leash - Dark Brown & Brass

Adjustable Leather Dog Leash - Dark Brown & Brass

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This gorgeous lead was created because we kept seeing people, out on walks with their dog, wrapping their dog leash around their hands to get the perfect length! Sound like you? Read on!

This double-ended, adjustable lead gives you two convenient lengths (it's like two leads in one!!): 

  • the shorter length (100cm) helps you navigate traffic, walk comfortably side-by-side with your dog, while avoiding tangles & having to hold excess lead in your hands, and
  • the standard length (125cm) gives your dog a chance to sniff & explore while safely staying on lead! 

Click on our demo video on Instagram here, where our dog, Ollie, shows you how to use this handy lead! 

Available in six stunning colour combinations so you can show off how stylish AND clever your dog is :)

This lead with brass (i.e., gold coloured) hardware is the lighter of our leather leads at 180g, and is best for smaller/medium dogs!

Thank you for supporting Australian made!

    This leash can adjust to two lengths!

    Length of leash (including clasp, when in use):
    125cm when using at standard length.

    100cm when adjusted to shorter length.

    Overall length of leash (completely unfolded, including clasps): 

    Leashes are 2cm wide.

    Leash with Brass hardware: 180g

    Full grain, vegetable-tanned leather (the strongest part of the leather!)

    Brass hardware. Note that brass hardware
    will develop a natural patina over time, giving it a unique and classy look.

    Your order will be lodged at the post office in 1-2 business days. We will promptly provide you with a tracking number.

    As leather is a natural material, its appearance will change over time, developing its own unique look! It will also become softer with use and bending.
    Clean your dog's collar and/or leash by first removing loose dust and dirt. Then use a soft, white, colour-fast cloth, dampened with water, to wipe clean.
    Do not dry clean. Do not machine wash.
    For best maintenance of your dog's leather accessory, do not use for playing in water.

    For dogs only. Keep out of reach of children. Never leave dog unattended when using this item. Do not allow your dog to chew on the leash. May be harmful if ingested.
    Regularly inspect leash before use and replace if any parts become loose or damaged. Before using, check leash attachment points (such as your pet's collar or harness) to ensure they are intact and can withstand your pet's pull force. Do not use with tie-out.

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